Travel Resources

When I travel, I try to keep it simple in ALL aspects of my travelling. Over the years, I’ve found a few sites that have consistently given me the best deals.


Momondo – My new go to site for looking up flights. I rarely use any other site anymore.
BlablaCar – I use this for traveling throughout Europe. Berlin to Antwerp cost me €27 and 7.5hrs, but was well worth it. Great for long or short journeys and for a fraction of a bus, train or flight.
Wizzair – Hungarian budget airline. Limited cities, but growing and super cheap flights.


For most of my journey, I will be staying with friends, otherwise I stay in AirBNBs and hostels. Great way to get to know a city from the viewpoint of a local’s home or meeting other travellers in the hostel lounge!

AirBNB – This link includes my code so you get $25 or signing up!
Hostelworld – Contrary to the name, this site
Workaway.info – I love volunteering and giving my time, so for part of my journey I will be utilising workaways. Done and loved it! They typically include free housing and meals and require at least a week (preferably a month) stay.

Traveler’s Insurance

Note: If you travel a lot, I recommend getting year-long travel insurance in addition to health insurance. I travel with 2 traveler’s insurances and 1 health insurance, because you never know!

TravelGuard – Great, expedient service whenever I run into any issues.
Insure and Go – This is my second traveler’s insurance with great premiums and coverage. However, they require a lot of paperwork and require it to be mailed in.

Travel Credit Cards

For credit cards, I HIGHLY recommend getting a chip and pin/signature card. Many banks in the US are starting to offer them. Many tourist heavy areas in Europe still take swipe cards, however when you’re going off the beaten path swipe cards can be problematic. Also, chip cards in the US typically don’t charge exchange rate fees.

Also check out Nomadic Matt’s post on Picking A Travel Credit Card. Very handy if you travel a lot!

Other Resources

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Travel – Here’s a great resource that I was recently told about that’s really good for planning your trip solo.



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