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Talking about pole

So yesterday, I posted a photo on my person Facebook of me dancing Saturday night at a friend’s party. I got a few comments, like “did you run out of money?” and “do you enjoy this kind of job than be a noble nurse?”

I like to say that I’m a pretty laid back person, so I haven’t been very defensive about my dancing because I rarely feel any pressure to defend anything. However, for some reason, I felt compelled to react. With my interviews, I will begin asking women and men pole dancers what their experiences are with this, because this feeling of protectiveness for pole is all very new to me…

Here was my response:

Guys, I don’t appreciate the misogynistic comments. There is nothing wrong with being a pole dancer. So what if I ran out of money? Would it be preferred that I work 72 hours a week at an unforgiving, mentally and physically unrewarding job just because it makes a lot of money that I never have time to spend? There is nothing wrong with pole dancing. It’s a beautiful movement that’s not all about “pleasing a man” or “looking sexy” or “showing off.” What is wrong about expressing your femininity? What is wrong with moving in a way that exudes strength of character and heart. You know me, how hard I work, how I can’t say no to anyone at work because I don’t want to see people in need of either a break or a helping hand. How does this picture change your image of me? Am I somehow less desirable as a human being because I can pole dance? Like any dance, you’re expressing yourself in corporeal form and in this form, much more can be communicated. Whether it be pole, gymnastics or ballet, the message is the same. If you say, “well I’m fine with it, but there are other people who don’t think so liberally about it,” then you’ve really thought exactly the same, condescending way as those who think pole dancing isn’t “noble.” I’m proud to have seen the transformation of dozens of women from shy and insecure to confident, strong creatures. Please friends, don’t quash those flames because they don’t fit a conservative, outdated ideal of female decorum.

Any and all comments welcome!


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